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Meet Jess's Nanny Emma

G: Can you introduce us to your Other Mother?
J: This Emma Eyring. She is my nanny, a cherished friend, little sister, really all of the above.
G: Why is this relationship so important to you?
J: Emma is quite literally an other mother to my children. She cares after the most treasured people in my life.
G: Is there a word that describes Emma?
J: Well, the word nanny in it’s hebrew origin means grace. Which is so fitting because she offers that to both myself and my children daily. Grace to love them as they are her own. Grace to see past mine and their imperfections to provide the best care. And grace to lean in fully to her role in our family as not only our nanny, but someone who is full of compassion, tenderness, devotion, and selfless love. I cherish her. My gratitude for her is immeasurable.
G: What quality do you most admire in her?
J: Her optimism. I admire so much how positive she is. She is hopeful and always choosing to see the best in her own life and in others. Each day when I return home from work she has a smile on her face. Which judging by how loud and crazy my children can be at times, that is so admirable and always puts me at peace.
G: What’s one thing you hope she knows about herself?
J: I hope she knows how much goodness she carries, and how much the world needs it.

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