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Meet Jenisy and Her Neighbor Kristi

G: Can you introduce us to your Other Mother?
J: Kristi and I have been friends since our oldest boys were small. Through play dates and park days with our first boys we became better and better friends.
G: What is the biggest thing you've learned from Kristi?
J: Kristi taught me what it really meant to really PLAY with your kids. I mean full blown, ever-present, bum on the floor, eyes fixated and focused on your kids kind of play. I was a young mom still trying to figure out what being a mom was all about. Kristi on the other hand was a natural. The kind of mom you see playing with her kids and you think “I would have loved having her as my mom.” 

G: Is there one story that sums up who she is?
J: I remember having a really hard day once, feeling low as a mother, like I didn’t measure up. Our kids were out side playing and I went into her kitchen, sat on her stool, and began unloading. She did not interrupt nor judge, just listened and empathized. Through my venting one of my deepest darkest secrets came out, after which I burst into tears because of the raw, real struggle it was. My vulnerability and feelings of inadequacy completely surfaced, and there I was sitting on her kitchen chair in tears.

Instead of passing judgment or trying to give me a quick fix answer, Kristi she came over and crouched down to the silly little stool I was sitting on. She got right to my level, and mother to mother, grown woman to grown woman, embraced me. She held me tight and said “I think you’re doing a great job, and I think you’re a really good mother.” 

That phrase, her listening ear, that hug, was all I needed. She totally rescued me that day, when I needed it most.
G: What quality defines Kristi?
J: Kristi is known for caring, for listening, for helping and serving. Her incredible ability to listen and love makes everyone feel like they can come to her with anything. 
G: What makes this friendship unique?
J: It’s genuine, it’s real. We’re there for each other with no strings attached. She would do anything for me, and I would do anything for her. We help each other through the thick, thin, happy and hard times of Momhood, and best of all we laugh A LOT through it all! 


Jun 22, 2018

These are the things I love about Kristi as well. Very loving and non-judgmental!

Jeremy Carver
May 08, 2018

What a great way to see the product through others eyes and how simple and genuine this is. I will just one and I will spread the word. Good luck to you all!!


Barry Daniels

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