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Meet Dayna and her Mother-In-Law Monette

G: Can you introduce us to your Other Mother?
D: My “Other Mother” is my mother-in-law, Monette Magleby
G: What are 3 words you would use to describe her?
D: Selfless, hardworking, and beautiful.
G: Is there one memory that sums up who she is?
A: Monette hand sews the most beautiful and ornate quilts for all of her new grand babies. She also has arthritic fingers, so it is a huge labor of love. She is constantly serving with her many talents, and finds great joy in putting others’ needs before her own.
G: What do you love most about her?
D: I admire what a devoted mother and grandmother she is to her children and grandchildren, and all the special things she does to show her love for them. One small example: she has a special “grandma’s drawer” at her house filled with little treats and toys that her grandkids get to open and pick from when they come to visit. It is so sweet and thoughtful, and you can imagine how much they love it. I’m always taking notes from her!
G: If you were to write her a note for #OtherMothersDay, what would you say?
Dear Monette,
You are truly one-of-a-kind and I admire so many things about you. Thank you for inspiring me as a mom. I may not have been blessed with your genes, but I feel very lucky just to watch and learn from your gracious example as a mother and grandmother. You are as beautiful as they come. Thanks for all you do and for making me feel so loved. Happy Mother’s Day!
Love, Dayna

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