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Meet Alexis and Grandma Nerita

G: Can you introduce us to your other mother?
A: This is my Grandma, Nerita Flake. She is a mother of eleven, and grandmother of too many to count.




G: What's a favorite tradition of your grandma's?
A: Picking crabapples on her ranch in Snowflake, AZ and making crabapple jelly.




G: How about a favorite memory?
A: A couple years ago I filmed her telling her life story. It was just us, which is precious time when you have fifty-something cousins, and we laughed and cried under a big tree in her front yard as she told memories from her past. I'll never forget it.






G: Why is this relationship so special to you?
A: My relationship with my grandma is precious because I know I won’t get to have her with me always. I want to take advantage of every chance we have to be together.





G: Is there a soundbite or bit of wisdom she's taught you?
A: “Assume the best, look for the good.” She always has this on an index card taped to her fridge.




G: If you could write her a note for Other Mother's Day, what would it say?
A: Dear Grandma, thank you for showing me what a strong woman looks like. You find beauty and laughter on even the most difficult days and in I’m honored to be your granddaughter.





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