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Janice and her Sister Sharon

G: Can you introduce us to your Other Mother?
J: This is my little sister (by five years) Sharon.
G: Have you and Sharon always gotten along?
J: Growing up, we always shared a room, and got along quite well -- although I do have a clear memory of running away from a good spanking after teasing her through her crib. We always had a lot of the same interests -- mainly a love of the outdoors, sports, and in general being active.
G: What is our relationship like now?
J: After many years of me living in California, and she in Utah, I'm grateful that we now live just a couple miles from each other. We work together four days a week teaching kids' sports classes, as well as get together often for family gatherings. We go biking, hiking, shopping, and love late night movies. We also love playing city league volleyball together, swapping gardening ideas, and it's especially fun when I get to assist her with wedding flowers.
Even if we weren't sisters I would want her for a dear friend. I consider myself lucky that I get to claim her as both.
G: Could you tell us a story that sums up who she is?
J: It's hard to pick just one memory that sums up who she is, but I would say something I admire most about her is how confident and comfortable she is in her own skin. She is who she is, and that has always been enough. She is no shame, no drama, and she's just such a refreshing one to be around.
G: Any thing else you want to tell us about Sharon?
J: She would literally do anything for me, and anybody for that matter. That's just who she is. She seems to have endless amounts of time and energy for her family and those close to her. I love her with all my heart and am grateful for the example she is in my life. She has truly touched my life for good.

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