Gathre Yoga is Live on Kickstarter

Our new Kickstarter is live! Check it out here.

Gathre’s goal is just that: to help you gather. Whether you’re gathering with your kids for a rowdy play date, or you’re gathering your thoughts during a peaceful yoga practice, our mats make gathering simple and beautiful. Which is why we are so excited to introduce to you our newest collection, The Yoga Mat.

The Yoga Mat: It’s more than just a tool, it’s a symbol. It is the physical representation of your mental and emotional safe place. It represents your place in class and it’s your sole partner, day in and day out, through every practice.

Most importantly, it supports your body throughout each practice. No matter how hard you push yourself, how focused you are, how overwhelmed you feel in your life outside of your yoga practice, the mat remains as a constant support beneath your palms.

At Gathre, we wanted even more from our Yoga Mats. More than comfortable, durable, support. We wanted our mats to represent more than just our place in class, we wanted them to represent us. In our search for the perfect mat we couldn’t find the beautiful prints and bold colors that we are usually drawn to. We also couldn’t find mats that fit our favorite mini yogis.

Enter: the first VEGAN leather, cruelty free, biodegradable, yoga mat. Available in toddler, child and adult sizes AND a variety of simple patterns and lovely colors. Your practice won’t be the only thing taking your breath away, these mats are seriously gorgeous.

Our mats are so beautiful, colorful and useful that literally all of our active mommas out there need one. No matter what your level of active is. So whether you’re a true yogi or you’re just looking for a nice place to get some stretches in, our mats were made for you.

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