Gathre has got new PACKAGING! 📦

Amanda Jane Jones designed our new product packaging that will be used on all of our product starting today! She has done a brilliant work and we couldn't recommend her more highly. The new, sturdy white box comes in a classic square shape with cut outs so you can really get touchy feely with that buttery leather. Every detail makes it extra fancy: an embossed Logo, a drawer that slides open, and our favorite peek-a-boo script that reads our tagline through the cut-outs: Carry It With You. There is info and pictures and graphics galore and it's all just what our dreams are made of. Now gifting a mat in these babies will guarantee wow-factor! We've been working since last year to get these boxes perfect for you and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks and happy unboxing everyone!


Jul 21, 2016


Jul 21, 2016

Absolutely love the new packaging! Great work!

Amanda Krovic

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