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Today we are sharing a darling feature put together by Krista (@kristalii) about taking your learning anywhere. She highlights nature journaling and how she uses her Gathre mat to create a foundation on the go.

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"September has always felt like the new year to me. I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way! And as usual during this time of year, I’m busy reflecting on what we’ve done, and setting goals for the coming school year. One thing that worked well for us last year was spending lots of time in nature. So, we’re going to take the classroom outdoors while the weather is still nice. Fresh air does wonders for my kids’ moods (and mine too if I’m being completely honest!).

Thanks to our Gathre Mat, we can take our classroom anywhere! The beach, the woods, our backyard, wherever the day may lead us. It’s been such a handy addition to our homeschool. We’ve used it indoors and out, and cleanup is always easy-peasy! If I’m using it for an experiment or a craft, I simply shake off the mat and then give it a quick wipe if needed.

So my kids have been eager to start school up again, but I’m not quite ready to let go of summer just yet. So, I came up with some fun activities to do in the woods the other night that would help ease the transition from summer vacation mode, to school mode.

Nature Journaling. I make it a point to bring along the kids’ nature journals anytime we plan on spending time exploring the outdoors. Nature journals are great for kids of any age! My young kids record their findings by drawing. I always write the date at the top of the page for them, as well as the name of the place we are exploring. Older kids can get a bit more in depth and do some writing as well.

During this particular visit, we found a tiny toad, a grasshopper, and a millipede. We caught them and put them into our terrariums for observation. I always caution the kids to be gentle with what they find, and it goes without saying that we always release them back into nature when we are finished observing!

One of the many things I love about homeschooling is the freedom of not being tied down to a strict schedule, or to one set location. I’m so glad that Gathre came up with these mats that help me to do just that!"

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