#BYOCB: a how to

If you spend enough time with our team, you’ll come to learn our love for charcuterie boards runs deep. We are firm believers that you can never have enough cheese so these party favorite platters have us smitten! In prep for our #gathreroundtheworld virtual birthday party this weekend (head to instagram to catch all the details) we’re here to teach you a few tips to master your own charcuterie board. BYOCB ‘bring your own cheese board’ means the creative power is all yours, but here’s a few things we’ve learned a long the way.

Fancy charcuterie boards involve a little work. There’s tons to choose from, which makes every one come out unique. To simplify things a bit, we focused on three categories for both our ultimate charcuterie board and our kid- friendly board. Meats, Cheeses, and Extras. You’re going to want uncured meats, which can range from super simple and inexpensive (we’re looking at you pepperoni!) or refined and higher-end (think Italian names you can’t pronounce). Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re comfortable spending and how exotic your taste buds are. But if you ask us, all the uncured meats taste pretty darn delicious. You can’t go wrong!

Now for the most important part. The CHEESE! Here’s what we learned. It’s good to have a balance of soft, semi-firm, aged, and blue. Again, there’s no wrong choices here. Perhaps find something familiar and then an option that may be new to you. If you’re like us, chances are you’ll be devouring whatever you can find #cheeseforever. For the kids, a simple mozzarella and cheddar seem to be the best bet. And thankfully they are on the more affordable end.

Last up is all the extras. And to be honest, these little accents will really up your charcuterie board game. Think jams and honey’s, crackers and breads, nuts and fruit. You really can add whatever pairs well with cheese and meat, which is well, a lot! We love having a little bit of everything. It provides lots of flavors and fresh tastes. Our recommendation: pannetone (mini toasts), pears and almonds. They complement each other well and provide a good mix to the cheese and meat abundance. For a kids board, grapes and ritz crackers are the perfect addition.

So there you have it! We can’t wait to see what charcuterie board creations you bring to the party. Remember to hop online at 9pm MDT on Saturday, November 18th. We’ll be going live on instagram with our charcuterie boards ready to go and announcing our Truth or Dare winners (black friday shop credit!). If you post to stories, use the hashtag#gathreroundtheworld so we can all join in on the fun. It’s going to be a blast! Whether you gathre some friends or go solo, indulge in some cheese. Girl, you deserve it.

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