#Gathreround an evening in Mapleton, Utah

The inspiration behind our work is this idea that life is full of grand and simple moments. These moments are often fleeting and go unnoticed but they deserve our attentive discovery. We hope as a brand we are able to not only provide products that enable our customers to create those moments, but we also hope to produce experiences that facilitate that effort as well. As such, we developed the #gathreround series of events that allow us to bring people together and provide meaningful moments to our little community of supporters. Our very first #gathreround was held in the lovely Mapleton, Utah. We were surrounded by so many wonderful old and new friends. We brought together a little community for dinner on our mats, under twinkle lights in an orchard nestled near the golden fall mountains. The evening was one to remember. The food, the setting, and mostly the crowd were so magical; it was a gathering we won't soon forget.

We lined the orchards with Midi mats, sprinkled a few pillows here and there, and topped them with some low tables we made and stained white. The copper flatware stole the whole place setting show. We went for simple with a minimal sprawling green centerpiece, candles, and a few white roses. The menu was tucked inside the napkin with a simple green placed across the front of each setting.

The food was off the charts, and by far the focal point of the night. From the presentation to the taste, it was all just incredible. Good people and good food make just about any night a success.

But oh the company! It was such a treat to be surrounded by so many people who have made a difference in our community. We were intentional in having everyone bring a friend, spouse, or loved one with them so that we could connect families and friends together. And it was special to meet all the many supporters who help make dreams happen for their friends and loved ones. People are what life is all about.

When the sun set, and the twinkle lights started showing, it was sheer magic!

To view a short video capturing the essence of the evening, click here.

Thanks to everyone who made this #gathreround a success:

Videography: Modern Atelier

Photography: Jessie Alexis

Florals: Lizy Bowden

Food: Food Made by Tom

Venue: Quiet Meadow Farm

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