DIY: Lavender Sensory Rice

We love finding sensory play activities for our children that use items we have lying around the house and that are of the all-natural variety. When we stumbled upon this lavender sensory rice, we had to give it a try. You will fall in love with the simplicity of this activity. Our children will play with it for hours. And it makes my momma heart happy because, it smells wonderful and I know she is benefitting from the sensory play! Our easy tips for creating this all-natural accent piece, below. XO 

When creating a batch of all natural sensory rice it's best to use herbs that dry well, so for our rice we used lavender (an herb commonly used more for its look and smell). We picked up some already dried lavender at our local health food store. Although, if it's in season, you could ask a local florist. We also used a water soluble paint for our rice to give it some color. You can purchase them online or at a craft store. 

– Begin by combining a bag of rice and a few drops of water soluble paint into a container. Close with the lid and shake the container until rice is covered in paint. Wait a few minutes for the paint to dry.

– Next, pour out your rice into a large, flat bowl or bin. Add in the packet of lavender (we used about 0.4 ounces). Stir the lavender into the rice until evenly distributed. You could add a drop or two of essential oil as well! 

– Then, gather a few spoons, bowls, and other household items for your children to use in the rice. 

– Finally, once your child is finished, use your mat to funnel the rice into a container. Seal your container and store the rice for up to a year of sensory play!

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