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2017 live list

2017 live list


-DO GOOD. For as long as I can remember, my mother has had little quotes on her bathroom mirror. As the faded papers were rotated out, she has always had framed in her bathroom the simple words "Do Good." And so that is my biggest hope for my live list this year.

-#gathreaway. Due to having a new baby and renovating an old house we bought, 2016 didn't include much travel for us. Our kids have never done #disney so that's something I'm pulling for.

-Live in said renovated house! 3.5+ months into gutting it, and i'm believing all those rumors I've heard that remodeling can be one of the biggest stressors in a marriage or family. Ready for some calm.


-More faith, more good. 2016 was a hard one on me emotionally. As I struggled through some infertility the last year and a half, my focus was often inward. I found it hard to get past the heartache I was experiencing and faith was often lost on me. This year I am hoping to have more faith amidst the seasons of my life -- and I also hope to find the strength to look outward. Often when we serve others, our own pains are healed and lessened. So my biggest hope is to carry more faith in my heart and to have the eyes to see those around me that may need some lifting. 

-Learn something new. My little Sydney has been dying to ski and ice skate this winter so those two things are definitely at the top of our list. Personally, I'd love to take up some guitar lessons or learn how to speed skate. ha! 

-Adventure awaits! We're aching for some adventurous travel -- I love the idea of just spontaneously leaving on a trip somewhere. Perhaps we will try that this year! 

-Love more. I am not sure if this fits a 'live list' but oh how we need more love. Our little family is trying to find ways this year to better show love for each other -- through service, being more present, spending more time together, and making each other laugh. (My daughter Sydney is always reminding me that I don't laugh enough and she says she just loves to make people laugh ... so mama needs to work on that!)

Thanks for taking a peak into our 2017 -- we hope it's a year full of joy and growth for you and yours! xo

Mare + Jess 

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