#gathrethegood with Tiffani Thiessen

We're all familiar with the iconic beauty Tiffani Thiessen. She captured our teenage hearts when she starred in Saved by the Bell. And as we've watched her marry and become a wonderful mother to her daughter Harper and son Holt, the admiration just continues. Not only is she a talented actress but she hosts a fabulous cooking show, Dinner at Tiffani's which we love. You can imagine how ecstatic we are to be featuring her this week for #gathrethegood. If you head over to her website, she is giving away $250 dollars of product from us to one of you, so go check it out:) Thanks Tiffani! xo
You’ve had a very successful career. Share with us some lessons you have learned from your experience in a busy, demanding industry?
As a female in this very competitive industry, I have learned to always remain graceful, and grounded. This will get you everywhere.

We truly respect the way you and your husband care for each other. No marriage is perfect, but it seems like you two genuinely love each other. What has been one important ingredient to success in your marriage? 
Mutual Respect, communication, and a lot of laughter!

We love your cooking show and recipes! Any advice for what you do when you’re feeling in a dinnertime rut (ahem me!)?
I always keep the basics on hand and add fresh veggies from my organic garden to almost everything.

You are a wonderful mom to Harper and Holt yet motherhood isn’t a walk in the park. For you personally, what are a few of the rewarding payoff moments where all the hard work feels worth it?
When Harper's face lights up when I pick her up from school and when Holt wakes up and smiles at me. Those are the little things that make it all worth it.

If you could pass along one beauty tip or mantra to your sweet daughter Harper what would it be?
Always wear sunscreen and never pluck your eyebrows

What could you gather and gather and still never have enough of?
Cookbooks and recipes!

For someone who has accomplished so much in life, what is your greatest dream or something you still wish to accomplish in your life?
To move to Oregon and raise my family on a farm with organic vegetable gardens, chickens, and maybe even a goat!

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