A child should never feel more beautiful then in the presence of one's doting mother. Shelly Hyde of Raising Wild is such an adoring mother, who gathered her girls for a little pampering moment. Polish, curlers, mirrors, lipstick, and some natural handmade blush were just a means to teach her becoming ladies about beauty. 

When dreaming up our spring shoot concepts, we came across an article about making your own blush. We thought this would be an experience perfect for Shelly and her girls to do together. It came together so beautifully. Catch the full tutorial below. 

You can purchase the blush midi mat used for this scene here

Videography by the incredible Shelby Osmond

DIY Blush: Most of the powders you will need can be bought on amazon or at your local health food store. We found the white makeup containers at our local health food store as well, although I am sure you could find an alternative at any drug store or target.


Beet Powder

Cocoa Powder

Arrowroot Powder

Ground Ginger

The base of all the blush colors should always be the beet powder. To customize your shade, you can add arrowroot flower to lighten it, cocoa powder to darken it, and ground ginger to add a little shimmer! Play around with different shades until you find what works best for you. 

Happy Blush making!

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