The Cutting Edge 〰Scallop Mats〰

Over a year ago we decided we wanted to make mats with a scallop edging because we knew they would be that extra little touch to make any heart gush. To design the scallop, we'd trace the curves of cups, tape, bowls, really anything we could get our hands on to find the perfect arc. It's been a long time coming to release these babies but we hope you love them as much as we do! xo, mare + jess


Perfecting the Picnic

Gathre was born while eating alfresco on a blanket that got dirty with every spill. We are grateful to have created something that makes picnicking not only a little easier but a little more beautiful too. Video by Jenner Brown.

We loved these images from this blog post about steps to perfect the picnic. Check it out here.