Get To Know The Gathre Collection

Get To Know The Gathre Collection

Whether you’re just discovering Gathre products or have been a long-time customer, it never hurts to have a rundown of our growing collection. What started as simple mats has grown into an entire line of leather goods that help you make space for all the beauty of being together.


Our original and most well-known line of products, coming in various sizes, colorways, and thickness. Perfect for: picnics, tablecloths, chaning stations, under high chairs, crafting surface, and soft landings.


From toys to toddler-size playsets, this collection is loved for its endless imaginative play, and looking pretty too.

Perfect for: Independent play, imagination and make-believe games, physical activity for littles.


Making space for the worthwhile isn’t just about giving borders to an area, but about building in the comfort to simply be. Between our furniture, decor and goods to get organized, you can outfit your home to be tailored to you.

Perfect for: Places to take a beat and rest your feet.

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